Original photographs

Photo123, the website of Galerie 1 2 3 dedicated to vintage original photographs.

Authenticity is guaranteed

We guarantee the authenticity of all our photographs.

A certificate of authenticity is attached to each of them.

Condition report

For our photographs, we use the international condition code graded: A / B / C / D, with + / - for slightly better / worse condition.

A+ In near perfect condition, bright colours and fresh paper.

A In excellent or very good condition, fresh colours, one minor defect is accepted.

A- May have some minor visible flaws, such as a small tear, some surface marks, light scratches and creases.

B Fairly good condition with some damage such as light creases or stains, surface cracks or small gaps in the edges.

C Significant loss or other damage.

D In poor condition, with large pieces missing from the central subject. We do not offer this category of photographs.

Size of our photographs