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- Graphic art archive (Gallery 1 2 3)
Our collection, started in 1977, is one of the oldest archives of the vintage poster market, with about 16'000 digitised works and 12'000 posters in photographs on paper. Our database allows searches by artists, dates, brands, keywords, etc. All these images are available to researchers and authors. Please note that we do not own the copyrights of these posters: it is up to the user to pay for these rights. We only make our pictures of the works available. For publications of these images, a modest contribution to our costs will be negotiated.

- Photo archive (Photo123)
Our archive has recently been expanded to include 10'000 photographs by the Geneva photographer Dany Gignoux, 4'000 of which are of musicians. We do not own the rights to these photographs. The representative of the rights holders is the Bibliothèque de Genève, which has 80'000 images of Dany Gignoux on deposit in various media. The other images on this site are available under the same conditions as our graphic works.