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Custom fees and importation taxes (such as the VAT of the destination country) are collected by customs via the transporter and are at the customer’s charge.
Galerie 1 2 3 is not responsible for any delays due to customs controls and for the payment of theses fees.


Terms of sale and customs taxes:

European Economic Community :
As Switzerland is not part of the European Economic Union, EEC customs tax importations (VAT) will be applied according to the custom regulations of each EU country. VAT, taxes and any declaration costs are at the buyer’s expense.

VAT reduced by 5% applies in some cases for art objects over 100 years old.
Newer objects are subject to French VAT. VAT and possible import costs are at the buyer’s charge.

United Kingdom :
United Kingdom customs usually taxes imports of works of art (originals made before 1973) for up to 5% of the value of the work.
Galerie 1 2 3 will issue a tax declaration according to this. VAT and possible import costs are at the buyer’s charge.

The United States of America does not tax artworks on import.
US customs will ask the buyer (the importer) to provide his registration/identification number for clearance, such as his Social Security Number or his Federal Identification Number (EIN, SSN, GST, RFC) in accordance with the Home Land Security Law. For a value over USD $2500, a declaration form provided directly by the carrier (Fedex) will be required to be completed by the buyer. For example, Fedex apply a clearance fee of about USD $30, at the customer’s charge.
American states may apply the local State Tax. These taxes, if any, are at the buyer’s expense.

Shipping is free of charge within Switzerland.
International shipments: We ship to 60 countries. Taxes, VAT, customs declaration costs and other import fees are at the charge of the buyer.

You have the choice between:
Fedex (with tracking number, free insurance and rapid delivery)
and Swisspost (no tracking, no insurance, no delivery delay)

All our photographs are sent in reinforced packaging, together with their certificate, invoice and customs documents.
Sent within 10 day.

You will also receive a shipment notice or a tracking number.